Pilot-Scale & Commercial-Scale Manufacture

Porton’s core manufacturing competencies span the range from where a process requires sufficient characterization and moderate quantities of material to enable clinical proof-of-concept [typically Phase II], all the way to achieving very substantial cost efficiencies in support of large-volume production as a product faces loss of exclusivity challenges [late life cycle management]. Our production sites are strategically and technologically differentiated [dedicated respectively to APIs / advanced intermediates, regulatory starting materials and true starting materials] to deliver high-quality manufacturing solutions and powerfully back-integrated cost-of-goods advantages to our customers. Please see below for a snapshot of Porton’s production sites:

Changshou [ChongqingArea]

Highly Flexible Mulit-Purpose Site

Total Reactor Capacity: 706 cubic meters

2 Pilot Plants

10 Commercial Scale Workshops

Wide Range of Chemistry Capabilities including High Pressure Hydrogenations, Asymmetric Synthesis and Hazardous Reactions

Glass-Lined Steel, SS and Hastelloy Reactors Last Successful US FDA Inspection in September 2015 >75 Big Pharma cGMP and EHS Audits Successfully Received Since 2012.

Shangyu [Shanghai Area]

Highly Flexible, Multi-Purpose Site for Regulated Starting Materials for Supply Directly to Global Customers, or to Porton Changshou for Conversion to Advanced Intermediates or APIs.

Total Reactor Capacity 180 cubic meters. Green Field Option for Capacity Expansion Available.

Pilot Plant and Commercial Scale Workshop

Wide Range of Chemical Competencies.

ISO Standards

GMP Upgrade to Type II Materials in Process for Completion end-2016

Dongbang [Jiangxi]

Key Site for Cost-Advantageous Back-Integration of Starting Materials

Total Reactor Capacity 470 cubic meters

Extensive Experience of Supplying Quality Starting Materials to Porton Changshou and Shangyu Sites

Wide Range of Chemical Competencies, Especially Hazardous Chemistry